Monday, May 24, 2021

Weeks 16 to 20: 52 Letters in a Year

Hello, my readers! It's been a while since my last "52 Letters in a Year" post so I'm back with weeks sixteen through twenty. I've still been writing one letter every week, but I did miss three weeks during finals studying and testing. I also haven't taken pictures of every letter so I'll only be showing what I can. :)

Week 16:
I didn't get any letters written during Week 16, but my 5th grade teacher replied. :) It was so great to finally get a reply from one of my teachers. I wrote to her back in January and although it took her a few months, she did write back!  

The wonderful reply

Week 17:
I wrote one letter during Week 17 to a friend who lives in the same town. We've exchanged a few letters during my 52 letter challenge even though we live just 3 miles away. You can write to someone no matter how far or close the distance is you. I also got a reply from my pen pal in Missouri. Along with the letter, she included some lovely goodies. 

The envelope's back had some washi tape and a 
brightly stamped bird. 

This is one of my favorite theme's from this
pen pal! The green flowers with the music is

Inside the music envelope, there was a large piece
of the music paper, a playlist card with similar 
blank cards, washi tape samples, stickers, flowered
paper, and a couple holy cards

Week 18-19:
I didn't get any letters written during weeks 18 or 19, but I did get one reply from a friend. That brings the total replies up to 17. 

Week 20:
Last week, I wrote back to my pen pal. I actually started the letter at the beginning of May and didn't finish until last week. I can't post too many pictures because my pen pal hasn't received it yet so I'll save those for next week. For now, here's a sneak peak:

A piece of a brown paper bag for the base, with
green paper for the address. Spring themed 
washi tape for the border. 

Has your May been too busy to write, or has it been relaxing? 

-Miss K