Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Weeks 10, 11, & 12: 52 Letters in a Year

I've managed to let the last two weeks slip by without posting my letters. I've been busy writing, though, with 22 letters sent out into the snail mail world. I also received a few replies so I'll share those at the end. My letters for the last weeks include one to an aunt, one to a friend, one to a pen pal, and a birthday card. Later this week, I'll be sharing another birthday card for my great aunt's birthday. March seems to be the month for birthdays!

Week 10:
Two weeks ago, I wrote to my aunt who lives in Washington. It was fun writing to her because I've only met her twice and it has been a while since I saw her. I kept it simple by using a piece of blue copy paper and adding a flower in the top corner. I colored a flower from an adult coloring book and glued it to a piece of scrapbook paper. Those adult coloring books work great for adding to letters! 

The corner decoration

A spring themed envelope to match

Week 11, Letter 1:
This week I sent another birthday card to a friend. I like making each birthday card unique, so this one was a little different than the last one. I also used a spring themed envelope since her birthday was the day before Spring. 

I used a "Happy birthday" stamp and some
washi tape to decorate

Isn't this a pretty envelope?

Week 11, Letter 2:
At the end of last week, I decided I wanted to write another letter. I used a piece of pink copy paper and added washi tape to the edges. To make it Spring themed, I added some blue scrapbook paper to the corners. Then, I added a sunflower sticker and an owl stamp to finish it.  

Homemade stationery paper is the best!

A butterfly envelope made by Esteban

Week 12:
The theme of all these letters is Spring! I've only used graph paper for math so I experimented with it for this letter. I really like how it looks so I may write more on graph paper. Some leftover scrapbook paper, flowered washi tape, and a bird sticker finished up the theme on this one! 

The graph paper letter

A simple envelope made using a Spirograph

The Replies:
I have four replies to share from the last few weeks. It really is exciting when a reply lands in the mailbox! Enjoy the pictures: 

A big thank you to Michelle Houts, the creator
of this challenge, for sending me a reply!

Another card from a friend

The second reply from my great aunt

My pen pal's letter with a mail tag, stickers, 
pressed flowers, and a postcard

Which letter/card and envelope was your favorite? Has spring weather arrived in your state? 

-Miss K

Friday, March 5, 2021

Week 9: 52 Letters in a Year

Welcome to March! February seemed to fly by and here we are, already in the ninth week of 2021. This week has been another great week because I received two replies again! One was from my pen pal in Florida and the other was from my senior pen pal who lives in an assisted living. 

Week 9:
This week I sent a birthday card and a letter to a friend. Instead of relying on my brother to make some envelope art, I created my own! I made the card with card stock and added a strip of purple scrapbook paper to the bottom. For the envelope, I drew the balloon with the address using colored pencils. The little balloons were drawn with Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens (my favorite pens. EVER.). 

I tried out some calligraphy with this card too!
The matching envelope 

As I mentioned above, two of my pen pals sent me a reply this week. My pen pal in Florida always makes the cutest cards. Here's the one that arrived in my mailbox this week: 

Have you ever sent birthday mail? Has anyone sent you special mail for your birthday?  

-Miss K