Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Weeks Six, Seven, and Eight: 52 Letters in a Year (Plus a Few Replies!)

I've missed the last two weeks of posting, but I've been busy writing letters! I've already written more than eight letters, but I'm still trying to send one every week. For week six, I sent two Valentine's Day cards, for week seven I sent a handmaid card to a friend, and this week's letter went to my great aunt. I wasn't sure if I'd get any replies, but after writing fourteen letters, I finally got three replies!  

Week 6:
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the Valentine cards that I made for my pen pals. :( I was so excited to seal the envelope and get them in the mail! I made a card out of red card stock and wrote "Happy St. Valentine's Day" in cursive. You'll just have to imagine there's a picture. :) I did however take pictures of the matching envelopes. 

I had some blue and pink scrap paper, so I
just torn the edges and glued them to the 
envelope, with a green square for the address
I used the same process here, except I used
purple for the address

Week 7:
Last week, I made a card for a friend that I haven't seen since August. I cut a few inches off of a piece of orange card stock, folded it in half, and the card was made. It's that easy! I'm learning calligraphy so I tried it on the card and for the first time on the envelope. To finish it off, I added a 3D flower sticker on the card. 

I kept it simple, but I like how it looks!

I used leftover purple paper and a piece of 
butterfly scrapbook paper on the envelope

Week 8:
The lucky recipient of this week's letter was my great aunt. I wrote to her during week four and she was the first to respond! I decided to make another card for letter by using green card stock and butterfly scrapbook paper. My brother created the master art on the envelope. 

Isn't this color scheme just great? 

The wonderful envelope!

I hope you're enjoying these pictures as I write all 52 letters! Butterflies seem to be the star of the envelopes and cards this week. Time has sure flown this year with March arriving next week, and I'll be back sharing week nine's letter.  

What is your favorite type of butterfly?  

-Miss K

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Week 5: Thank a Mailman Day

Happy February! I hope you are all having a great start to the 2021 year. In January, I wrote 10 letters so I think I'll be successful in finishing this challenge. Today is the last day of week 5 so it's time to mail out that letter, if you haven't already! This week's letter went to my fabulous mailman because Thursday was "Thank a Mailman Day". The mail carriers do a lot of work that goes unnoticed so it would be the perfect week to thank him or her. Of course, I'll give you some history about the mail system before I share my pictures. :)

Important Dates:
1775: Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General 
1847: Postage stamps created
1860: Start of the Pony Express
1963: Zip code created
1992: Self adhesive stamps came into use
2007: Forever stamp introduced

Before the introduction of prepaid stamps, the postage could be paid by the sender or it was left for the recipient to pay. This eventually led to a more efficient system of requiring a prepaid stamp before the mail could be sent. 

Week 5:
I didn't get a picture of the actual letter, but there are some pictures of the envelope and a couple drawings. 

A mail themed envelope, but all the credit goes to
my older brother. Thanks Esteban!

A mail truck drawing drawn by my younger
brother, Superman

A drawing of letters and envelopes drawn by
my younger sister, Nancy
Bonus Fact:
Those mail trucks driving around town are cool, right? But how cool would it be to have your mail delivered by mule, yes MULE? In the Grand Canyon, there is a very small village called Supai, with a a population of about 208 people. For six days a week, the mailman loads their mail onto a "train" of mules to deliver their mail, mostly supplies and food. The current mailman, Hank Delaney, has been delivering mail by mule since 1999 to the village of Supai. It is a three hour trip from the top of the canyon down to the village, which totals to around a 3,000 foot drop. 

The train of mules! (credit)

Further Reading/Sources:

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." -USPS Unofficial Motto

Have you ever celebrated "Thank a Mailman Day"? What is your favorite item that you've ever received in the mail?   

-Miss K