Monday, April 26, 2021

Week 15: 52 Letters in a Year (An Easter Package)

I've been busy writing lots of letters and mailed out letter number 27 on Saturday. A couple weeks ago, I wrote my first all cursive letter. I usually print, but I've been trying to write in cursive more often, so I decided a letter to my pen pal would be the perfect occasion to use cursive. I also included a few goodies in this package to make it Easter themed. 

Week 15:
I used graph paper for this letter because not only does it look nice, but it helps with the spacing of each word and letter. I'm not very good at writing straight unless there are lines, so graph paper is a great option to keep things straight. 

The letter and some mail tag questions (and yes, I did write
this letter in March, but it took me a month to send it)

A pouch made by my sister with mail fabric
A St. Rose of Lima holy card, Easter at Ephesus music
CD, and a bracelet with different Saint images

A Classical music playlist for Spring!

This package was a lot of fun to put together and only required a small bubbled envelope to send. My pen pal loved it and I've already gotten a reply back, but that will be shared in the next post. :)

Have you been busy writing any letters? What is your favorite type of music or songs for Spring?   

-Miss K

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Week 13 and 14: 52 Letters in a Year (Another Birthday!)

I am a couple weeks behind in sharing my recent mail, but I'm going to start with week thirteen. This week features two more unique birthday cards made by me. I don't think I've ever sent this many birthday cards in a row. My great aunt's birthday was a few weeks ago and a friend's birthday was last week. I also got a few more replies, bringing the number of replies up to Fourteen!

Week 13:
A few weeks ago, I sent my great aunt a birthday card. Since I was sending out a birthday card almost every week, I decided to find out her birthday, and it just happened to be March 25. I quickly made another birthday card for her. My little sister also colored her a coloring page. 

I used calligraphy on this card too.

A birthday envelope: "Sending birthday wishes to"

My sister's birthday coloring page

Week 14:
My friend who lives out in Wyoming turned 18 last week, so I made sure to send her a birthday card and a letter. I followed the same technique as above, only I used a different color card stock.  

I like the look of the slanted words on this one!

I drew some balloons on the front of the envelope
and wrote "Happy Birthday" on the back.

More Replies:
It has been so much fun to see the replies arrive in the mailbox! I enjoy all of the different cards and envelopes, including the pink one (below) from a friend. My great aunt has been the quickest one to respond each time and makes her own card every time (also seen below). 

Have you sent any mail this year? Have you written anything lately?  

-Miss K