Meet the Writer

 Meet the Writer: 

Hello and welcome to the Forgotten Quill Pen! My name is Miss K and I'm a Catholic college student who loves snail mail. I've created this blog to bring awareness to letter writing (well, mainly because it was a requirement for my "Writing for the Web" class). In today's day and age, technology is often the center of attention, leaving letters behind. However, they can be so much fun to write! 

If you've ever had an interest in communicating with letters, or if you're new to this subject, you're in for a great ride. I will be introducing the idea of letter writing, sharing mail art ideas, and ways to find (and keep) a pen pal. My hope is that this blog will help people around the world begin writing letters and share their own ideas with one another. 

How I Began Writing Letters: 
My love of writing letters began when I was eight years old. I had just learned how to write cursive in my 3rd grade class. My older sister was also leaving for college, so I was able to practice my writing by sending a few letters to her and her roommates. She also had a pen pal and I wanted one too. Eventually, I "met" another eight-year-old girl to connect with and we have been writing ever since.

More About Me: 
Besides writing letters, I love to do anything that involves unplugging or crafting or both! Reading, baking, running, biking, writing in my journal, and playing the flute also fall on my "top favorites" list. I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my family of six brothers and two sisters. When I'm not writing letters or crafting, I can be found creating my own stationery paper for future letters. 

-Miss K

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