Sunday, July 11, 2021

I'm a Little Behind: Weeks 20 through 27

Hello, friends! These days I've been busy working, but thanks to my graduation party, I have a lot of thank yous to write and they reminded me the fun of writing letters. :) I've missed blogging about it, so here I am! 

Week 20:
In my last post, I mentioned my reply to my pen pal in Missouri, but I couldn't show pictures since she hadn't received it yet. So, here are the pictures now! I kept the theme simple because I wanted more room to write the letter. I attached a small piece of a torn brown paper bag with watermelon cut outs on top of the blue paper. Then, I used a flowered washi tape to finish it off. 

Another cursive letter and mail tag
(-what is one historical
event you wish you had witnessed, -three things
you're grateful for today, -do you have a skill
that you'd like to learn)

A few goodies to add to the Spring theme: 
St. Therese of Lisiuex stickers, flowered stamp
prints, and some scrapbook paper

Week 21:
For week 21, I surprised another teacher- this time my middle school music teacher! I haven't talked to her since 8th grade so it was very fun to write. I wanted to get it done before the school year ended, so I put more time into the writing rather than the decorations. 

The musical envelope!

The simple heading for the letter

The letter!

Weeks 22-25:
Between these four weeks, I only wrote one letter, unfortunately. Between starting my new job and preparing for my graduation party, time got away from me. However, I got three replies throughout these weeks! 

Week 26:
Last week, I wrote a thank you letter to my two Cross Country and Track coaches. They've been coaching me and were on the sidelines of all my races since I was in 7th grade. They deserve a huge thank you so what better way than to write them a thank you letter! Procrastination hit me (I wrote the letter 15 minutes before the award ceremony) so I had to use a store bought thank you card.

Week 27:
This week, I started writing my thank you notes to my graduation party guests. I also wrote to my pen pal for her 18th birthday and to two friends. 

Another unique birthday card!

My gift to her was a Rosary bracelet custom made
with her favorite colors. 

The envelope for the letter and some pictures, made
with my own Spirograph design. 

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I've also created a page titled "52 Letters in a Year Challenge". It has a few statistics that are interesting to look at, including average reply and farthest distance. 

Do you prefer to write in cursive or print? Are you enjoying your summer?

-Miss K

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