Monday, September 27, 2021

Catching Up to Week 39: 52 Letters in a Year

I've made another appearance, finally! Summer seemed to fly by and now I'm already into my sixth week of real college, which is crazy. I'm still on track to have 52 letters sent out into the world, but I have missed some weeks. As the weeks go by, I have gotten less replies but it is still fun to send out my own letters. :) Recently, I got a reply from one of my teachers! 

I've only written one letter this moth, but I'm currently at 41 letters. Here's the pictures I have from weeks 29, 31, 34, and 39 (which is this week). 

Week 29:
Another friend of mine turned 18 in July, which means another birthday card! We were on a family vacation though, and I didn't want to bring all of my craft supplies along (because that would be a LOT). I used a premade card from my stationery set and added a birthday message to it. 

A butterfly card turned into a birthday card. 
A matching envelope to add to the butterfly theme

Week 31:
My last letter a pen pal was in August, when I created a fun summery birthday letter and card. I also sent her a Rosary bracelet in her favorite colors. 
Thanks to my pen pal, I have been using graph paper to practice my cursive handwriting. It works great to keep the lines straight. I used scrap paper for the edges and a "Happy Birthday" stamp. For the card, I used cardstock and designer paper, along with Tombow Brush Pens. 

Birthday letter!

Another handmaid birthday card with scraps

Mail tag: -favorite birthday celebration, 
-what superpower would you choose and why, 
-consistent routine or adventure and changes

The Rosary bracelet 

Week 34:
In August, I surprised my 9th grade English teacher with a letter. I kept it simple with notebook paper and added a wavy design around the border. I also designed a matching envelope.  

The waves bordered the entire paper.

A simple flower with more waves and dots.

Week 39:
Yesterday, I wrote to my great aunt, who has been a joy to write to. She always responds very quickly and has beautiful handwriting! I got the pleasure of visiting her this summer after not seeing her in four years, so it was time to send her another update. I used some flowered stationery paper and an envelope made by Esteban. 

I've been saving this envelope because it is
just too cute to send!

Have you ever made mail art envelopes? What is your favorite birthday celebration?

-Miss K

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