Saturday, November 27, 2021

A Handful of Letters and Replies: 52 Letters in a Year

The year is speeding by with September and October now behind us. The weather has finally turned cold and brought the snow. I may have to make some winter-themed stationary. :) It's crazy to say, but there are only FIVE weeks left of the year! I've slowly gotten a few more replies, including one from Washington, D.C. 

Week 40:
My first letter to the eastern area (Washington D.C.) was sent out in October. A friend of mine moved out there in September and of course, I had to write her a letter. I used paper from my box of premade stationery, as I wanted to get it sent out the same day I wrote it and didn't have much time. 

The letter that has traveled the longest distance

Week 43:
I was surprised with two letters- one from Washington, D.C. and another from my great aunt, who always writes back very quickly. 

Washington, DC!

My great aunt's handmade card

Week 44:
A couple weeks ago, my pen pal sent me a wonderful letter and an envelope filled with lots of goodies!

Those bunny stamps add so much to this theme

The matching letter with some extra paper

A holy card, a couple BEAUTIFUL vinyl stickers,
and some old stamps

Week 46:
I received another letter from a friend, who I haven't heard from since May. A nice surprise after a long day of class! 

Bright colored envelopes are my favorite!

Week 47:

I missed a few weeks of writing, but I'm slowly catching up. I sent a reply to my pen pal's letter with some goodies. This was the first letter that I've added extra ounce stamps. To decorate the letter, I used some paper that my pen pal sent me by gluing it in the corners. I also added some washi tape for an extra decoration. 

It's always fun to look back at all the stamps- this one 
is patriotic themed

A simple collaged envelope

Another cursive letter with the goodies!

Our Lady of Lourdes bookmark

A couple Western postcards, a coloring page, and 
stickers for the goodies

Have you written any letters this year? What destination has your farthest letter reached?

-Miss K

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